The software in most vehicle ECU (Engine Control Unit) systems is generic and typically written to be used by vehicles in several regions where differences in regulations and emission requirements may enforce compromises. This means that your vehicle may not actually be using the optimum software for the engine and country your driving in and performance improvements are available.

Using the latest software technology we can reprogramme the ‘MAP’ used by your ECU to control the engine performance, gaining improved BHP and torque. The benefits from these upgrades depend on the manufacturer and vehicle. however typically a 25% performance improvement is achieved and in some cases considerably more.

About the ECU Upgrades

The upgrades we apply are customised to suit your vehicle, we are not simply tinkering with the setting of your vehicle, the current software is read, copied and saved before a thoroughly tested replacement is applied to the ECU. Once replaced the only difference you will notice is the improvement in response and performance from the car.

The upgrades are provided to us by the UK’s leading, reputable suppliers. These are not extreme remaps requiring upgrades to exhausts, brakes etc., they are meant to gain incremental improvements to your vehicles performance, however, Tweekz can provide software to suit most modifications from mild, Air filter etc, to Wild custom big turbo conversions etc.

Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption of your vehicle is largely dependent on how you drive; if you are in possession of a lead weighted right foot, your vehicle will use more fuel !

Performing an engine remap may effect your fuel consumption and in many cases will improve fuel economy through being a more efficient plan and due to the improved torque and power providing greater performance for the fuel burnt.

If your primary concern is fuel performance then give us a call and we can discuss the upgrade prior to it’s completion.