With both petrol and diesel at an all time high and only set to rise, better mpg is at the fore-front of most people’s mind. Our economy ECU software is designed specifically to reduce your fuel costs by up to 20% and reduce your CO2 emissions.

How Do You Remap for Economy?

Each Tweekz remap is unique to your vehicle. The map is removed via the vehicle’s OBD port and modified using our specialist equipment. By optimising power and torque to the low to mid-end rpm, you will gain enhanced throttle response, less flat spots and a smoother power delivery with less gear changes. This, in turn, means your vehicle requires less fuel to travel the same distance.

How Does This Make My Car More Environmentally Friendly?

The amount of fuel your vehicle uses will directly impact the amount of CO2 emissons you produce. Basically, Tweekz will increase the MPG (miles per gallon) you car is capable of and therefore reduce your CO2 emmissions.

Help your pocket and the environment with Tweekz prices starting from just £150. Contact us for more advice or information.