Tweekz Car Remapping York facility in North Yorkshire provide remapping and chip tuning services enabling you unlock your vehicles  full potential.

Most people want improved performance and better economy . You can also have just better economy or just better performance. The choice is yours.  Performance improvements of 20% more bhp are fairly typical for most turbo diesels . For petrol cars this is more like 5% unless it is supercharged or turbocharged. Then the improvement is between 10 and 20% depending on the model.

Fuel savings on diesels are typically 8 to 12 % . This is achieved mainly by smoother, more powerful acceleration enabling quicker gear changes. The economy savings for vehicles that do town work will be better than for those cars that spend much of their life on the motorway.  You could save as much as 20% on your fuel through a combination of remapping and driving technique.

Benefits of Car Remapping in York

People often ask how it is possible for cars to perform better, “Surely the manufacturers would make them perform better as standard ? ”   Well , no, that’s not what manufacturers are considering when they produce a vehicle for worldwide production. The car’s original map is created to allow for variations in fuel quality and worldwide emission regulation , not to mention different climatic conditions such as high altitude. A remap  on your car is done to suit UK and western Europe conditions , hence the optimisation. Some main dealerships are even offering this service as an upgrade now ( but at considerably more expense for almost identical modification)

Car remapping can help you unlock the full potential of your vehicle through:

  • – Better throttle response
  • – Improved fuel economy
  • – Smoother power delivery
  • – Improved power
  • – Improved torque

ECU Car Remapping York

The Process

Our technician will first carry out a diagnostic check of your vehicle using some of the most advanced diagnostics on the market. You will be informed of any faults that already exist. If there are any faults then you will be asked if you wish him to proceed with the remap.  The car’s original map is then read and stored securely on various servers. The map is then modified by the expert file writers at Quantum Tuning . When they have finished , usually within the hour , the modified map is sent to your technician. This map is then uploaded into your vehicle . Once this has been done we always carry out a road test with yourself as the driver . The reason for this is to make sure you are totally satisfied before we ask for any payment . Very few remapping companies provide this level of service. Those that do charge twice the price or more.  Furthermore , you get a no-quibble 30 day money back guarantee. We take on the risk , you can only win .